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Dining in the Fox Hole

BRUNCH: Breakfast BLT

Sourdough french toast, guacamole, arugula, apple smoked turkey bacon, 2 fried eggs, crispy potatoes, and tomato.

DINNER: Thai shrimp stir fry (sans rice)

BREAKFAST: Cinco De Mayo

Soy chorizo omelet topped with avocado & salsa fresca and cheddar dill  buns.

Shrimp and pancetta over polenta w/ a spicy tomato sauce

Shrimp and pancetta over polenta w/ a spicy tomato sauce

SATURDAY NIGHT: Rice cakes with mung beans and dried shrimp and Vietnamese wok fried pork and noodles




I recently received a new Vietnamese cookbook along with a great wok from my brother and SIL and now I cant stop going to the Asian Market in south Philly. Enjoy!

Recipe found in the cookbook, Vietnamese Home Cooking

FRIDAY NIGHT: Butternut squash truffled risotto & blackened brussel sprouts


Thai Chicken Leg w/ avocado salsa.

Thai Chicken Leg w/ avocado salsa.

FRIDAY NIGHT IN: Spring rolls & PHO!

We always travel down to South Philadelphia to get our favorite Vietnamese staple, Pho but tonight we wanted to bring the Pho to us.  What’s awesome about this recipe is once you get all the ingredients to create the dish you can recreate it again and again before using them all up! 

Paired with eggplant mixed pepper spring rolls.

For the broth:

Coriander, star anise, fresh ginger, cilantro, green onions, chicken stock/veg. stock, clove, onion and jalapeno. Add shirmp, chicken, beef, fish, etc.

Additionally for serving:

Rice noodles (of course), bean sprouts, additional cilantro, lime wedges, hoisin sauce, chilli paste, and additional jalapeno.

Rainbow trout topped with apple avocado fennel balsamic slaw  with brussel sprouts and root vegetables

TUESDAY: breakfast for dinner (ranchero style)

Eggs poaching in a ranchero bean sauce.

Baked corn tortilla strips.

From The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

Always gotta add avocado!